Digital Marketing never remains the same from a year to another. It keeps on evolving every time and newer technologies are changing the game of digital marketing.

Even Digital marketing agencies are finding it difficult to stay updated every second. Once posting content to the social media platforms was all we need to grow the following. Today, Consumer behavior is changing, their demand for personalized content is increasing.

5 digital marketing trends to watch in 2019 are discussed here –

  1. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence has taken an edge over all marketing predictions. In the coming time, AI will take over the world especially all the simpler jobs.

AI is a robot who gathers information either through human input or through sensors. It utilizes this information to solve human problems.

  1. Chatbots 

The Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots are using instant messages to chat with site visitors or your customers in day-night or in real-time. 80% of businesses are either planning or already using chatbots and having a real-time conversation with their customers.

Many online customers prefer chatbots as they are giving answers promptly and chatbots are responsive too. This leads to more customer satisfaction and it is easier for companies to reach their customers anytime.

  1. Voice Search and Smart Speakers 

  Hey Siri, find me a recipe for pineapple smoothie

  Hi Alexa, What are the movie timings for Avengers End game tonight?

  Increasing voice search has compelled businesses to reinvent their online marketing strategies in 2019.

  – 50% of all the searches will be voice-based by 2020

  – 20% of all Google mobile queries are voice-based searches.

  – 25% are voice searches of all Bing searches.

Smart speakers as Google home and Alexa are rising continuously and 39 million of Americans are already using them.

  1. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer Marketing is word of mouth marketing that delivers to Brand’s message to their large audiences.

Nowadays It is a very effective and trending marketing tool to attract large audiences. An Influencers could be anyone from Instagram Celebs or Trending Youtubers or Well known Journalists or Bloggers. They spread the brand’s message about their product or business through their social media channels.  

  1.  Video Marketing 

Sharing some insights to understand better why you should focus more on video marketing in 2019 –

– 70% of consumers’ share brand video

– 72% of businesses feel their conversion rate has improved while using videos

– 39% of buyers call a vendor after watching videos.

 Online Marketing companies are focusing more on video content that helps them to gain better conversion.

Conclusion –

2019 will be all about AI-powered technology, Automation, and personalization for better customer experience. All businesses need to be updated with the latest changes to survive in the market otherwise their competitors will take an edge within no time.